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Why invest in Saskatchewan?

Economic Growth:  Seeing a Bigger Picture. 

We started this website with the purpose to help Saskatchewan businesses connect with international investors.  In the next five years we expect above-average growth in capital investment and a long bright future for companies doing business in the province. We set out to provide an electronic marketplace for businesses and buyers to meet. Our goal is to help build better and more rewarding business relationships. Our members have access to researched private opportunities, qualified investors and future business partners. Saskatchewan is rich with resources and has much to offer investors from around the world. There is both value and growth at reasonable risk levels. Saskatchewan companies are known for innovation, performance and long term reliability.    

There is a prairie spirit and love of the land in the province.  Located geographically close to the center of North America, Saskatchewan's population is growing and it's economy is positioned to continue to fuel that growth.  Saskatchewan is open for business.  If you are looking for opportunity with leading companies in many of the world's key economic sectors – you came to the right place. 

We will continue to focus on improving the quality of our services to members and partners. 

Thank you for your time and wishing you all great success. 


Rod 2021.jpg

Rod M. McLellan
Founder & Global Investment Strategist

Innovation Place.jpg

Innovation Place, Galleria Building

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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