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The New Year Arrives With  Interest Rates and Inflation Still A Concern: Q1 

Saskatchewan remains a very attractive place to buy a home and land.  Saskatchewan resource and agriculture sectors are attracting billions in capital investment and adding fuel to the demand for development and houses. The Saskatchewan real estate market seems to be operating in a increasingly segmented manner over the past year,  with lack of supply and low inventory in residential, to commercial where supply is greater than demand and in a price-corrective process.  There is a strong demand for farmland for agricultural production, as concerns of global food supply and sustainability rise.  The shortage of affordable houses in prime urban areas has seen a shift by builders and developers to look there for growth opportunities. 

"Sales activity slowed for the second consecutive month, contributing to a year-to-date decline of 19 per cent. Further declines in new listings kept inventory levels 36 per cent below 10-year averages for the month and the months of supply remained under four months.

Saskatoon reported a benchmark price of $372,400 in February, up from $366,000 in January and nearly three per cent higher than this time last year. "

Saskatchewan Realtors Association - Market Report

Real Estate Seminar

Buying Land & New Homes in Saskatchewan  

Residential Real Estate - New House & Cabin Construction | 2024
Saskatoon & Area: Find out more about building new on acreage or city lots in Aspen Ridge, Brighton, Dundurn, Kensington, Martensville, Parkridge and various urban infill locations. This is for Single-Family Homes & Cabins, Traditional or Modern Designs, Custom Builds with new technologies and greater energy efficiency, plus Multi-Unit Senior and Assisted-Living, Condominiums and Townhouses.

When:  Wednesday November 29th, 2023  7:00pm 
Where: IQ Boardroom, Toronto, Canada
Rod McLellan - Economic Overview & Market Outlook - 
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