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Our focus is on Saskatchewan in the context of the global investment marketplace. In the hunt for value or pursuit of growth we have focused on a province rich with resources that has much to offer investors from around the world.  Saskatchewan has a fiscally responsible government and a strong economy. Given the difficult geopolitical and macroeconomic conditions that currently exist, both value and growth exist with favorable risk levels.  Saskatchewan companies are attracting more international investment capital, building new business relationships, and rewarding investors from around the world.  

Saskatchewan is located geographically close to the center of North America making it a central point and hub of economic activity.  For investors looking to diversify your portfolio, or partner with leading companies in many of the world's key economic sectors, Saskatchewan remains an attractive place to be.


Rod 2021.jpg

Rod M. McLellan
Global Investment Strategist

Innovation Place.jpg

Innovation Place, Galleria Building

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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